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Paranormal Romance - Monster Romance

Stuck in a new city after a break-up, I search my neighborhood for a place to drown my sorrows. What I find instead is a rowdy shifter bar. Too angry to be cautious, I walk in and make myself comfortable.

When I first see Griff, I'm stunned by his steely gray eyes. Finding myself face-to-face with such a massive monster should give me chills, but all I feel is heat. I have no idea what he is, but he's definitely not a shifter. They don't need glamor spells to walk among humans.

After a wacky witch's spell leaves my home overrun by ghouls, Griff invites me to stay in his rooftop wonderland. It's impossible to resist this gorgeous and generous creature, so of course, one thing leads to another. Now I have to figure out what kind of monster I'm falling for before I lose my heart yet again. 

Rock Hard Gargoyle

Stuck between a rock-hard Gargoyle and a hard place.

I accidentally painted a target on myself by crashing a dragon’s wedding. Oops!

After a break-in at my apartment, I get my very own security detail. Cool right? Wrong. The big, brooding beast assigned to protect me 24/7 is the very same cocky guard who caught me at the wedding!

The owner of Redrock Protective Services, Grayson’s massive, powerful, and totally intimidating. Arrogant, too. Did I mention his slow, sultry smile or the wickedly possessive glint in his steel-gray eyes? Something inhuman flickers there, and I realize, too late, that I’ve caught the attention of a monster.


He vows to protect me from the dangers lurking in the shadows. His solution? Steal me away to his gorgeous penthouse high above the city.

I should run before I do something stupid, like fall for the growly gargoyle. But I can’t. Evil lurks in the shadows waiting for me. Now, the only thing that will save me is my very own possessive monster.

Rock Hard Gargoyle is a paranormal romance with hunky gargoyles, suave demons, and evil wizards. Sweet & steamy, with a side of sneaky tail. HEA guaranteed.

Date with a Demon

A devilish grin. Six-pack abs. And horns!
When I enlist the help of Redrock Protective Services, I expect to meet with one of the company’s gargoyle brothers. Instead, I find myself face-to-face with a demon. And by the heated glow in his eyes, guarding is the last thing he wants to do with my body.

Eamon is rippling with muscles, rides a motorcycle, and has extra, uh…parts…for my pleasure—all the things that have my body screaming YES! Too bad a demon lover is a distraction I can’t afford, not when I’m running from a centuries-old spirit intent on stealing my identity.

But every second I spend in Eamon's penthouse makes me fall a little more for him as I uncover his caring and gentle side, and soon, I’m in over my head.

Wrapped up in the arms of my very own possessive monster, I search for a permanent solution to my problem. Can I find it in time, or am I doomed to lose myself forever?

Date with a Demon is a standalone paranormal romance with a hunky, protective demon, mouthy witches, and evil wizards. Sweet & steamy. HEA guaranteed.

Date with a Demon Ebook.jpg
The Naga Next Door

The naga next door has perfect pecs, washboard abs, and the world’s sharpest jawline, but that doesn’t mean he’s off the hook for disturbing the peace.

But this time, when I stomp over to give the my noisy neighbor a piece of my mind, I find Zayn’s front door ajar and his groceries scattered on the ground. What the—

The sexy serpent has been hiding a curse. On a whim, I offer to help him break it.

The more time we spend together, the more I realize he’s a lot more than a pretty face. Our chemistry is off the charts, he can cook, and more importantly, he loves my familiars. Very soon, breaking the curse isn’t about him anymore; it’s about us.

But Zayn’s not the only one with something to hide, and I’m beginning to suspect someone out there knows my secret. And if that gets out, I’ll be in big trouble.

The Naga Next Door is a sweet and steamy standalone paranormal romance featuring a naga with special "parts" and a mouthy witch. HEA guaranteed.

The Naga Next Door Ebook.jpg
Rock and a Hard Place

My Fake Gargoyle Fiancé
So, this is rock bottom. Not only did I lose my job and my apartment, but now, an ultra-secret snow leopard shifter group wants me to marry a guy I never met and have babies to save our species. And they’re coming in three days to take me away.

Cue me getting smashed alone on a Thursday night. That is until the world’s sexiest, brooding stranger walks in, all sharp angles and hard lines. He’s massive and covered in muscles, and his mesmerizing green-gray eyes has my knees turning to jelly. In a moment of brilliance—or perhaps it was the gin and tonic—I ask him to marry me.

I wake up in Gunnar Redrock’s luxurious penthouse suite. It’s supposed to be a charade, but the line between fact and fiction gets blurrier the more time I spend with him. Our marriage may be a sham, but these feelings are the real deal.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the only way forward might land me with a broken heart.

Rock and a Hard Place is a standalone paranormal romance full of sweet & steamy scenes with a protective bad-boy gargoyle. HEA guaranteed.

Rock and a Hard Place Ebook.jpg
Manticore Madness

A creature of nightmares, and I’m his next obsession.

When my brother steals a treasure from a dragon’s precious hoard, I find myself facing down the monster sent to retrieve the locket. Mateo gives me three days to produce the stolen goods, or he’ll lock me in the dungeon and throw away the key.

The catch? He’s not letting me out of his sight.

What starts out as a hunt for my wayward brother ends up with me in the sights of a ruthless wizard. My manticore captor-turn-protector is more than the sum of his parts, and I soon realize I’m falling for him. But love means nothing if I can’t get out of this alive.

Manticore Madness is a stand-alone paranormal romance with wizards, witches, dragons, devious demons, and a musclebound manticore. Sweet & steamy. HEA guaranteed.

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